The Indian Institute of Planning and Management  

Rankings & Awards

Ranked 1st in International Exposure (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 6th Overall

Ranked 1st in International Exposure (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 1st in Potential to network (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 2nd in Quality of faculty
Ranked 2nd in Industry Interface
Ranked 3rd in Placement Record
Ranked 5th in Intellectual Capital

Ranked 1st in International Exposure (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 8th Overall

2011 : 2nd Asia’s Best B-School Awards in Singapore

Adjudged Best B-School in Asia Overall

2011 : ZEE Business Best B-School Survey 2011

Ranked 1st in Global Exposure (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 1st in Intellectual Impact (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 3rd in Industry Interface (ahead of 4 IIMs)
Ranked 5th in Placements & Course Content
Ranked 5th Overall
(ahead of 3 IIMs)

2010 : DNA Best B-School Survey 2010

Ranked 1st in International Exposure (ahead of all the IIMs)

Ranked 9th in Best B-School in India (ahead of 1 IIMs)

2010 : Mail Today Best B-Schools Survey 2010

Ranked 1st B School in Delhi NCR
Ranked 1st in International Exposure
Ranked 2nd in Placements and Potential to Network

2010 : Hindustan Times Best B-Schools Of India 2010

Ranked 9th in India Overall (amongst all private B-Schools in India)

Ranked 1st in Global Exposure in India (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 5th in Overall (ahead of 3 IIMs)
Ranked 5th in Industry Interface (ahead of 3 IIMs)

Ranked 7th in Course Contents amongst all B-Schools in India (ahead of 2 IIMs)
Ranked 8th in Placements amongst all B-Schools (ahead of 1 IIM)

2009 : Mail Today Rankings of Delhi/NCR

Ranked 1st B-School in Placement Record, Quality of Faculty and Global Exposure
Ranked 2nd in Student Development, Potential to Network and Infrastructure

Ranked 9th In India Overall (Amongst all private B-Schools in India)

Ranked 1st in Global Exposure in India (ahead of all the IIMs)
Ranked 7th in Overall (ahead of 2 IIMs)

Ranked 8th in Industry Interface in India (ahead of 2 IIMs)
Ranked 9th in Placements in India (ahead of 1 IIM)



1. B school with Best international placements
(For IIPM Delhi, for its 125 international placements which was more than all IIMs / ISB)

2. Best bschool in India (In the non IIM category)

1. Honorary Dean of IIPM, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri - Visionary leader award
2. Bschool who innovate in teaching methodology
3. Innovation in placements
4. Innovation in building academic & industry interface

1. outstanding bschool in marketing (north)
2. Bschool with excellent industry interface
3. Bschool with industry related curriculum in marketing
4. Bschool leadership award
5. Best Bschool with innovative marketing practices


1. Bschool with the best academic input in marketing
2. Bschool with best industry interface
3. Bschool that encourages leadership as part of curriculum
4. Bschool leadership award
5. Honorary Dean of IIPM, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri - Best teacher in general & strategic management

1. Founder-Director, Dr. M.K.Chaudhuri - Hall of fame awards
2. IIPM - Most innovative business school
3. Honorary Dean of IIPM, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri - Best teacher in management - north.


BUSINESS TODAY: Ranking, 2006     (Scan Copy)
Ranked 5th best B-school in India by MBA students
Ranked 7th First Favourite B-school in India
Ranked 8th most Recommend by Recruiters, Executives, Functional heads, MBA Wannabes, Current MBAs
Ranked 11th Best B-school overall

Business India B- School Directory 2006
The institute ostensibly the largest in terms of student strength and one of the few widely networked schools of the country has been doing well for itself over the years experimenting and incorporating many of the aspects for management education of which most only would talk about. The ethos of the institute as such is in preparing its students managers with effective communication skills, an enquiring mind , hands on action and an ability to stand up to advertisers, in that order.

The institute has modelled its business carefully on the lines of the popular US business schools empowering  the students to learn the best by making available all support systems such as library and high quality internet connectivity and facilitating their enquiry through a series of faculty and process  interventions through the year. The institute is strong on economics owing to vision of its founder and its bold experimentation, for instance in getting its own faculty in large numbers to become faculty. The institute also offers a range of consultancy and training programmes and also support services for companies, the learning from which are passed on to the class rooms, a case of hands on learning.

The institute has in place a number of collaborations with international universities and an institution run by management gurus and brings a large number of well known names to India exposing its students in the process to global developments in management. The curriculum is constantly updated. The focus is also in the intellectual capital augmentation through publishing of a large number of in-house and commercial journals and magazines touching upon a range of management, marketing, finance, brand building, customer relations, and economy subjects. The learning from these intellectual capital building exercises naturally is passed on to its students. IIPM’s network of seven branches helps bring its brand closer to students in different parts of the country which brings synergy to its endeavours.

Extenuating its spirited campaign 'Dare To Think Beyond the IIMs', IIPM surpassed the performance of 5 of the IIMs to be ranked 2nd (ahead of 5 of the IIMs) in the Business Barons' India's Best B-Schools Survey, January 2005, in the 'Industry Interface' index. The survey specifically endorsed the entry of IIPM in the 'elite list' and rated it as one of the fastest-rising business school in the country. The survey placed IIPM at rank 8 over all (exceeding 2 of the IIMs) IIPM also got ranked 3rd for its quality of course content (exceeding 4 of the IIMs).

As Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, Honorary Dean - The Indian Institute of Planning & Management puts it "Industry Interface is perhaps the only index which involves no value judgements. It is measured purely in terms of the revenue earned from consulting assignments undertaken by an institute and its faculty. It's a direct reflection of how much the industry trusts your institute's education. When you know you are the best, it’s tough to accept even the over all ranking any less as it involves weightages based upon value judgements on other aspects like infrastructure etc."

Further, the report appreciated Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri as "the best-selling author and economist, who has made IIPM more than a business school with his innovative socio-economic philosophy".

IIPM made news in 2003-2004 when it got selected by United Nations Development Program as its key partner institution in India and got invited by World Bank Institute to be on its steering committee for a National Conference in Corporate Social Responsibility. IIPM was also in news when it surpassed the performance of five of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) to be ranked second in Business Barons: India's Best B-Schools survey (June 2003), in the Industry Interface index.

At IIPM the mood is upbeat and every one is brimming with confidence to prove it as the best management school in the country.

BUSINESS BARONS: Rankings, 2005     (Scan Copy)
Ranked 2nd in industry interface (ahead of 5 iims)
Ranked 3rd in course contents (ahead of 3 iims)
Ranked 8th in infrastructure & facilities
Ranked 8th B-school in india (ahead of 2 iims)

BUSINESS INDIA – Best B- Schools
Rank: A+ Level 2 in 2004 and 2005

BUSINESS TODAY/ INDIA TODAY Rankings, 2003     (Scan Copy)
Ranked 10th in young executives top-10